Professor of law the University of Tehran for 30 Years and Attorney at Law, he was born in Ardebil, Iran, 1937. He completed elementary and high-School in Ardabil and Tehran. Bachelor of law (L.L.B.) froms Faculty of law, University of Tehran in 1969. Superior Study Diploma (Diplôme d'Etudes Supérieures D.E.S. or L.L.M.) in Paris 1973. and Doctor of Law (Docteur d'Etat en droit) in Private law (L.L.D) from Paris University (Paris II) in 1976. He is specialized in Commercial comparative Law. President of Hanri Capitant Association Iranian Group, member of International Academy of Comparative Law, member of International Institute of French Law Expression and Inspiration (IDEF, Paris), ATRIP (WIPO), Canadian Bar Association, and Forensic Expert in Registration of Companies, Trade Marks and Invention.


The most important works of Dr. ERFANI are as follows:

Commercial Law in 9 volumes, Comparative Law, International Commercial Business Law in 2 volumes, Commercial Law Made Simple and Commercial codes, Introduction to Business law in Iran, company Law in Iran (both of them in English editions) and shareholders right of information, comparative study in France Language (Thesis, Paris university Paris II, 1976).Divorce in France and Italy, Concise explanation of Iranian Commercial code (Code annoté )



He has also published many articles in National and International Reviews.


Participation in the following congresses with presentation of  articles:

Caracas (Venezuela, 1982), Montreal (Canada, 1990-1992), Beijing (China, 1993), Cairo (Egypt, 1994-1996), Rabat (Morocco, 1994), Athens (Greece, 1995), Damascus (Syria, 1996), Luxembourg (Luxembourg, 1997), Bristol (England, 1998), Bayreuth (Lebanon, 1999), Geneva (Switzerland, 1999), Cairo (Egypt, 2000), Brisbane (Australia, 2002), Hanoi (Vietnam, 2003), Tokyo (Japan, 2003), Utricht (Netherlands, 2004), Rio de janiro (Brazil, 2005), Utricht (Netherlands, 2006), Parma (Italy,  2006), Bogota (Colombia, 2007), Montréal (Canada, 2008), Seminar