Relation of Ideology to Crime On Demanding Norway Mass Killer a Medal at Court Hearing in a Criminological Viewpoint


Mohammad Jafar Saed

Ph.D in Criminology and Criminal Law



According to “OSLO, Norway (AP) — The right-wing extremist who has admitted killing 77 people in the worst peacetime massacre that Norway has ever seen told a court Monday that he deserved a medal of honor for the bloodshed and demanded to be set free. Anders Behring Breivik smirked as he was led in to the Oslo district court, handcuffed and dressed in a dark suit, for his last scheduled detention hearing before the trial starts in April. He stretched out his arms in what his lawyer Geir Lippestad said was "some kind of right-wing extremist greeting." Reading from prepared remarks, the 32-year-old Norwegian told the court that the July 22 massacre — carried out with a bomb, a rifle and a handgun — was a strike against "traitors" he said are embracing immigration to promote "an Islamic colonization of Norway." Like in previous hearings, Breivik admitted to setting off the bomb outside the government headquarters in Oslo and opening fire at a Labor Party youth camp on Utoya island, outside the capital, but denied criminal responsibility and rejected the authority of the court. About 100 survivors and relatives of victims watched in disbelief, as Breivik asked to be released, and told the judge he should receive a military honor for Norway's most deadly peacetime attacks.”


The Core of Discussion

I think the criminal disaster was a result of some reasons or factors psychologically, politically and ideologically.


Ideology and Crime: a terra incognita for Human

In the case we obviously can find a relation between ideology and the crime committed by the offender. Ideology is the main factor for taking place the crime and causing the trouble by him. To commit the crime as “a strike against someone in the name of “traitors” in his view relative to embracing immigration to promote an Islamic colonization of Norway is the main factor caused to happen it. It is amazing that in the world where human beings insist on lacking and regardless of human borders among them we see someone like him that focuses on separation of nations and human beings as different ones together as well as on the matter of priority, especially showing his idea and his nationality a preferable element to others in an ideological manner. It is terrible really! What can we image to protect ourselves against the ideologues? It is a fact for human world that it should fear from the people and make effective measures against them to survive their life now and future. However, is it possible in a perfect manner?

We know, as human history has shown so far, that like the disaster has been done in the human world previously and criminals have committed similar to the criminal event in previous. To commit the crime in the world after millenniums of bearing and appearance of human leads us to accept Durkheim’s idea on crime as a social phenomenon and a device for making a human society healthy. I believe to his view, of course, in this regard but some crimes like that speak of the thought, being factor of doing them, with a dogmatic nature, which illustrates an illusional image about human and life. We accept humankind and human players of a country as citizens have right to thought freedom but it does not means that they can do their thoughts any way. Without his attention to the rule, the criminal just focused on the ideology had occupied his mind in previous. 


  Insanity: From a Psychological to Political Factor

As the news says the result of psychological tests shows he is insane. It means he is not responsible criminally for his actions and crimes. Regarding the presumption of innocence it means medical or psychological commission in relation to analyzing psychological status of the accused was done its duties in principle and with no any consideration politically and socially. So, in this regard criminal responsibility does not absorb its attention to him. Otherwise, it seriously breaches to do justice and makes obstruction of justice, which has been said to do as a necessity and human desire all by nations. Unfortunately, sometimes some political system to discharge and release them from any charges in this relation try to distort the truth without any doubt so that they show themselves the international players looking for justice and obeying human rules for making justice accompanied by the others in the world.



Crime is a social phenomenon in the human planet and it does not limit or exclude to special crimes, namely all crimes, either classical or new, being now or in future, may be, as Durkheim said, need to continue the life of human beings. However, we need to control the rational being to insure the now and future of his life. It means that although human frees to think of and about everything around him or in his mind, he does not allow doing them without paying attention to the human life in general. Perhaps I have free will to kill myself, it will not give me permission to do a thing resulting from my mind without regarding my group or community or world. It of course does not relate to someone is not of rational ability and criminal responsibility does not apply to everyone like this. Namely, someone who suffers from mental disorders is exclusive from the rule.